[CQ-Contest] Follow-up: ARRL DX (CW) Log Checking

Bruce Sawyer n6nt at ynn.com
Tue Aug 29 14:31:29 EDT 2000

I've now heard from a dozen or so people on the DX side who checked their
results.  ALL say they lost 2 or 3 multipliers per band.  Particularly in
the case of the guys who where single-band, they say they had multiple QSOs
in their log for every multiplier.  Thus it is almost impossible that they
really busted enough Qs to lose those multipliers.

The real answer on the number of multipliers possible is 63, according to
the rules posted in last December's QST.  When I said 58 yesterday, that was
from memory--I'm used to seeing 58 as my "quota" number on each band.  I
think I tend to just write off VE8, VY0, etc. and not even worry about them.

Anyway, it's clear that ARRL recomputed ALL the DX side scores using some
kind of busted multiplier file that only had 57 multipliers per band. (On
closer inspection, I found a couple of entries in the top 10 boxes that
showed a band mult of 57.)  The relative standings of people on the DX side
probably weren't changed, but the scores sure were reduced by a whopping
amount.  It doesn't really matter to most of us, but I'm sure K2KW isn't
going to be happy about how much easier it will be in the future for
somebody to take away his new 15m record.

When you read the write-up, you'll notice all kinds of superlatives about
records being broken left and right on the US/VE side...but anybody who is
used to seeing numbers for this contest can see that the DX side scores are
way low.  Duh.

Bruce, ZF2NT/N6NT

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