[CQ-Contest] Packet Pileups -> Breaking Pileups

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Mon Dec 4 23:14:08 EST 2000

John Laney wrote:
> The self-spotting violations appear to be more easily proven.  The danger here is
> that someone possibly could do this in order to disqualify a rival.  Obviously
> the station in question or someone at his request must intend to self-spot.  At
> least one of the examples cited in an earlier message on this reflector seemed to
> be pretty clear and repeated violations.

but even for that to be decided you must know what catagory the station is
entering, at least in cqww.  if you read the rules for cqww dx contests it seems
pretty clear that the no self spotting rule is under the s/o-assisted catagory. 
it is not mentioned under the multi op paragraph at all, either directly or by
refering to another paragraph.  so if you wanted to mess up a single op you
could fake self-spots... in that case the rules don't say what happens, but
presumably they could be pushed into a multi op class, either m/s if they
happened to obey the 10minute rule or m/m if they didn't.

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