[CQ-Contest] Re: Zero Pointers

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Wed Dec 6 09:28:44 EST 2000

Dallas W3PP wrote:
> When submitting logs the old fashioned way <call>.ALL, you could mark
> contacts for zero points.  This accomodated those QSO's where you were > not certain that either you had the call correct, or that the other > station got all of your info.  This may have been covered before and
> if so excuse the bandwidth, but what happens with Cabrillo here?
> Seems that the only way to  keep from getting dinged by the you bean
> counters is to remove the QSO.

Good morning Dallas,

For many years CT had a recommendation in the user guide:
If you wish to non-score a QSO you can replace the bad call
with your own call <W3PP>. There is a FIXMINE or RMDUPES
utility to remove these QSOs if you wish.
But in a serial number contest, that destroys the accuracy of the
serial number sequence, so it is better to leave these in the log.
Would this answer your question?

Hope to work you next weeekend for the Delaware multipler
in the ARRL 10M!
Martin ZL1ANJ

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