[CQ-Contest] Re: Zero Pointers

Dallas Carter ludal at dmv.com
Wed Dec 6 08:20:53 EST 2000

Thanks Marty, but no.  I can put my call in (and we do this regularly) and
remove it with FIX_MINE.EXE, but that is for when someone is spotting, or
checking to see if a station has been worked before and acidentally hits the
enter key.  Those QSO's did not take place and do not represent a ding for
the other guy.  The QSO's in question are those that result from hitting the
wrong key, logging a bad call (with an appropriate entry in the notes file)
or finding that some data is obviously wrong.  In log cleanup, I am not
going to submit a log with known bad data, I will DQ the QSO to avoid the
penalty, however, the other station made a valid QSO and should not be
penalized for my (our) error.  Another scenario would be in a post contest
log check, I find that one of the 5 QSO's with ZL1ANJ had the entry of ZONE
25.  Now, I can't tell if that was ZL1ANJ or 7L1ANJ.  I don't want to
penalize either station by removing it from my log, because you would then
get a NIL from UBN.  CT has a key function that allows this QSO to stay in
the log (like a check log) for zero points for me and no penalty for you,
but the issue has not been addressed in Cabrillo.  This is just one of many
possible scenarios.
BTW you are in the log on all 5 bands on Phone.

73  Dallas W3PP

> Good morning Dallas,
> For many years CT had a recommendation in the user guide:
> If you wish to non-score a QSO you can replace the bad call
> with your own call <W3PP>. There is a FIXMINE or RMDUPES
> utility to remove these QSOs if you wish.
> But in a serial number contest, that destroys the accuracy of the
> serial number sequence, so it is better to leave these in the log.
> Would this answer your question?
> Hope to work you next weeekend for the Delaware multipler
> in the ARRL 10M!
> Martin ZL1ANJ

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