[CQ-Contest] Pre-Contest Weather - Any tips on guying it all down ?

Hammond, Rob EU-Pencoed Rob.Hammond at eu.sony.com
Fri Dec 8 07:21:56 EST 2000

Hi to everyone warming up from tomorrows contest. Outlook is pretty bad over
in the UK. 
I wonder how many Hams over here will lose antennas this weekend. There's a
massive storm over us at the moment, 
80 - 90 MPH winds but should calm a bit by Saturday  PLUS Severe Flooding (
Again ) & it really isn't the conditions for my Planned moutain-top portable
operation for this weekend's contest. However, I will NOT be beaten. 
I wonder if anyone would like to share some tips for getting my antennas up
& keeping them there.... So Far here's what's up:I

Yesterday I drove 2 x 7ft 2inch Steel Pole some 3.5ft in the ground some
distance apart on the mountain. The plan is to use Scaffhold Swivel Clamps
to Clamp the antenna in place. I have to unfortunately do it all on my own &
I remember a VHF contest when I had a 40ft mast to put up Single handed It
was rather Heavy & took a lot of effort. Once I've go the thing vertical, I
shouldn't have any problems guying it down but am wondering how to get it
vertical without damaging the poles. 
I'm using 35ft of 2" Aluminium pole for the 4 Element Yagi &  25ft of the
same type for a 5/8 Vertical. 
Apart from this I have some 30ft 1.5" Aluminium pole , unlimited rope. I
think if I just try to upright the beam without some support for the top,
the pole will bend out of shape. I thought of using a sort of pulley
hammered into the ground  the other side of the pole from which I am pushing
it upright & having the rope from the pulley back to myself & pulling the
rope at the same time as pushing up the pole so I am effectively doing both.

Any Ideas - I'm not loaded with cash coming up to Christmas so they must be
Cheap ideas !!!

I NEED to work this contest - Storm or no Storm !!!!!


Shaken but no Stired !!!!


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