[CQ-Contest] Submittal of ARRL 160 Entries

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Sun Dec 10 15:48:48 EST 2000

Logs for the ARRL 160 Contest have been arriving in a steady stream.  Its 
only been a week since the contest and we're already within about 20% of 
matching the number of electronic logs received last year.  A great number 
of these appear to be Cabrillo logs, and the logchecking squad deeply 
appreciates the effort that the contest community has made stepping up to 
the new requirements.

However, some logs are being received in such a state which will require a 
significant amount of manual effort on our part to process.  This e-mail is 
intended to clarify what we need to process your log - a little bit of 
effort on the part of the entrant can save us a lot tedious manual work.

First, all we need to receive from you is a Cabrillo file.  If the format 
is implemented correctly by your logging software, and all the information 
is filled in, we need nothing else.  You may also send a separate summary 
file if you wish, BUT IT SHOULD NOT BE NECESSARY.  Do not send us 
dupesheets, logsheets intended for printout, breakdowns, etc.

Its been communicated to the logchecking team that CT does not produce a 
correct Cabrillo log for ARRL 160.  If this is the case with your version, 
then you should send the CALLSIGN.LOG file produced from the CT WRITEARRL 
command, and the CT-generated summary sheet.  These should be sent as 
separate files - please do not attempt to graft them together in some 
pseudo-Cabrillo format which we will simply have to rip apart 
again.  Please use the correct file names - the log is CALLSIGN.LOG, and 
the summary is CALLSIGN.SUM, where CALLSIGN is the callsign used during the 

Second, your log entry should be sent as an attachment(s), not as text in 
the body of the e-mail.

Third, PLEASE USE THE CORRECT FILENAME.  Your log file should be 
CALLSIGN.TXT.  Please send the correct file from the output of your logging 
program.  Do not take a different ASCII file and just rename it.

Again, all of these details will help us process the incoming logs quicker, 
and spend our time where we add value; that is, making sure you get credit 
for everything your entry deserves.  This is not an idle statement - the 
more time we have to work with the logs (rather than simply 
receiving/sorting/converting them) we can find simple errors which cost 
people points (like a log erroneously claiming to be in one state when 
operated from another).

Of course, all of the preceding points apply to the ARRL 10 Meter Contest 
logs as well :-)


Dave Pruett, K8CC
Tim Mitchell, K9TM

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