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Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg at contesting.com
Tue Dec 12 10:16:26 EST 2000

I think a great way to tell if your choice of phonetics is effective is to look at the UBN report and see how others bust your call.  While I'm a proponent of the use of the "correct" phonetics, I don't believe blind adherence to this tenet is intelligent.  Adapting to the situation is a golden rule in contesting.

In ARRL SSB 2000 I used NovemberTwoMikeGolf most of the time when running.  Curiously, the "golf" became "alpha" (or something else equivalent to an "A") in several cases as noted in the UBN report.  It was admittedly infrequent, but interesting nonetheless.  I can imagine the "alph" sound in my Long-Island-accent-softened-by-ten-years-in-upstate-NY "golf" is similar enough to the "alph" sound in alpha.  I then vowed to try to use a longer "o" as in go, and say "go-lph" ever since.

When someone has trouble with my call, sometimes I sprinkle in a "Germany" but the soft "G" can get me copied/logged as "N2MJ".  "Guatemala" seems to always work to get the hard "G" through, but sheesh, now I'm up to four syllables!

73 Mike N2MG

P.S.  No, I don't say cawfee (anymore). :)

On Sun, 10 December 2000, "Nat Heatwole" wrote:

> This has been a question that I have been asking myself for a while now so I
> thought I would throw it to the reflector to see what comes up. Putting
> aside the recent threads about IDing after a QSO let's talk about IDing
> during a CQ. Is it better, on phone, to ID once each CQ using only one set
> of phonetics, or twice on each CQ utilizing two different sets of phonetics?
> For example:
> 1. "CQ Contest, Whiskey-Zulu-Three-Alpha-Radio,
> Whiskey-Zanzibar-Three-Alpha-Romeo, Contest"
> OR
> 2. "CQ Contest, Whiskey-Zulu-Three-Alpha-Radio"
> The second CQ is obviously shorter, however it does not give the receiving
> station (particularly if the operator is not a native speaker of English) as
> solid an opportunity to copy the call correctly.
> Put into other words, I guess my question is: should one ID twice each CQ in
> different phonetics, or just once in only one pair of phonetics (perhaps
> sprinkling some different phonetics in every now and then on a QRZ perhaps)?
> Many will have differing opinions, but I'm wondering what yours is and why.
> All responses are appreciated.
> 73, Nat, WZ3AR
> heatwole at clark.net
> Damascus, MD
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