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George Fremin III - K5TR geoiii at loja.kkn.net
Tue Dec 12 17:34:45 EST 2000

On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 05:56:11PM -0500, Nat Heatwole wrote:
> during a CQ. Is it better, on phone, to ID once each CQ using only one set
> of phonetics, or twice on each CQ utilizing two different sets of phonetics?

I think the answer to your question is:

It is someteims good to do it one way other times it
is good to do it another way.  It depends on many factors.

My first callsign WB5VZL was not always easy to get across 
to folks on the bands.  I found that there were two diffrent
set of phontics that worked for me with this callsign so I used 
them both sometime in the same CQ.  With my current callsign 
I still do this but I am still working on the ones that work best for 
me and for the receiving ops. 

If someone is having trouble copying my callsign I will use both 
sets of phonetics since I find that when I work other stations
sometiems I just can not get one of their phonetic choices but 
as soon as they say a diffrnet one I can copy the callsign. 

Your CQs should also vary in length as the contest conditions
changes - sometimes short ones are called for other times you 
want longer ones - I oftne mix these up. Another thing that I 
like to do is vary the amount of time I listen between CQing.

These are things that work for me.


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