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Robert Orehoci robert at times.hr
Thu Dec 14 10:07:02 EST 2000

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Hrvatski radioamaterski savez (HRS) has the honour of inviting amateurs
all over the world to take part in the 2000 Croatian CW Contest.
Date and period: 3rd full weekend in December from 1400 UTC on Saturday
until 1400 UTC on Sunday. In 2000 Croatian CW Contest will be held on =
and 17th of December.

Bands: 1,8/3,5/7/14/21/28 MHz.
Please use the frequencies according to the IARU Region 1 preffered =
segment : 1830-1850, 3500-3560 and 14000-14060 kHz.

Mode: Only CW


- single operator, all bands - High power
- single operator, all bands - Low power (< 100 Watts)
- single operator, single band - High power
- single operator, single band - Low power (< 100 Watts)
- single operator, all bands - QRPp (< 5 Watts)
-     multi operator, all bands, one TX

The minimum time of operation on one band is 10 minutes, though a quick
band change in order to work a new multiplier is allowed.

Exchange: RST + serial number (starting with 001 for the first contact).

- 10 points contacts with 9A stations on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz,
6 points on 14/21/28 MHz
- 6 points contacts with other continent on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz,
3 points on 14/21/28 MHz
- 2 points contacts with own continent, including entrant's own country
on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz, 1 point on 14/21/28 MHz.

Multipliers: DXCC countries plus WAE list on each band 1 point.

Final score: Sum of QSO points from all bands multiplied with sum
of multipliers from all bands.

SWLs: Each different station counts 1 point per band. Logs must
contain the codegroups of both stations in QSO. Multipliers as above.

Logs: In standard form 40 QSO per page. Logs should be kept seperately
for each band. Please mark only new multipliers on each band. On the =
of each page should be the sum of multipliers and QSO points from that =
The logs should be accompanied with the summary sheet and declaration.
Multi operator stations should send the list of all operators.
Each double QSO must be clearly marked in the log. All entrants with
more than 200 contacts per band must send list of calls in alphabetical
order for each band. The logs on disk 3,5" are welcome (your log must be
in plain ASCII file and summary sheet also in plain ASCII file) . If you
are sending log on disk, it must be accompanied with summary sheet
on paper. There is contest program specially developed for this contest.
It could be found on Internet, packet radio. More information via 9A4GL.

Awards: Certificates will be awarded to the highest scoring station in
each DXCC/WAE country in each category. Plaques will be awarded to the
first station worldwide in section single operator, all bands and multi
operator. Some additional plaques may be awarded to the continental
winners and world champions in category single operator, single band,
depending on getting sponsors for those. SWLs will be awarded with

Electronic logs:
You can send your log via E-mail : hrs at hztk.tel.hr
Your log must be in plain ASCII file and summary sheet also in plain
ASCII file. (Also send other files as attachment.)

Please mail the logs within 30 days to the address:

Dalmatinska 12
10000 ZAGREB

See you !

Robert 9A3GW=20


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