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Fri Dec 15 16:37:39 EST 2000

RADIOACTIVITY REPORT (RR): A report published frequently showing
contest activity/standings/ratings of a group of radioactive

For a number of years we in Utah have been trying to find a common
measure of contesting among varying operators, varying contests, etc.
The object was to produce an activity report that could be published
to all (via email) occassionaly that would show who is active and
doing what and almost make a bit of a "local" competition out of it
... For a long time we struggled with normalizing scores, going to
percentages, etc. etc. and nothing seemed to work until (DUH!) it
comes to us that perhaps we should keep track of the obvious: NUMBER
OF QSO made and not recognize power or contest classes.  So, for the
past year or two now we have a RADIOACTIVITY REPORT which I keep and
publish (frequency depends on activity) to the group.  In our case the
number of contesters is small and the Utah Contest Club reflector is
used to publish the results ... all the participants are members of
this reflector.  Multi's are not ignored, the QSO count is just
divided among the ops, equally, unless specific counts by op are kept.
The RR keeps the gang together, talking with one another, and it turns
out to be quite accurate as to who the real TOP OP of UT is each year,
and the competition for the top three slots gits fierce!  The TOP OP
is simply the one with the most Q's, what contesting is all about at
the fundamental level.  We give bonus points for going on FD and
taking FIRST PLACE in your class in a given contest.  Each is worth
600 more points.  The top contenders are simply that ones that are
contest active! : The way it should be ...  The lower ranks have
clustered scores within them giving similiar stationed/active folk a
chance at comparison as well, thus:

Not taking TOP OP of UT does not consistute FAILURE!  ... a most
important point!

The publication of RR also gives everyone a good idea of who will be
active in a given weekend as well, as comments "flow" as RR is
published, usually weekly during contest season.

If anyone is interested in seeing a sample of a RADIOACTIVITY REPORT,
I will be happy to send it to you .. plain text file : Email me with
the subject :

                                                SEND RR

...(so I can keep them all in one thread) and say what you wish in the
text ...

I'm not attempting to start a debate here, just offering what we have
discovered works quite well in this matter and thot sharing it might
inspire other groups or random collections of QSO makers to do the
same or similiar ... we find it fun!

Thank you for allowing the bandwidth ....

... de Dave nc7w / Brigham, UT

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