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Fri Dec 15 17:13:03 EST 2000

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I find that this is a topic that many hams do not understand, including =
some experienced contestors and some OO's....  Let us discuss this a =

If you are operating cw with a radio that uses upper sideband to =
generate the tone, then your dial frequency was ~600 cycles below your =
recovered audio and you were technically "out of band", i.e. main =
carrier frequency below 21000.00...

However, if your radio is using lower sideband to generate the CW (my =
preference on the MKV where the choice is selectable), then your main =
carrier frequency was above 21000.46 by some 600, or more, cycles, and =
thus by the FCC, or any, definition you were not out of band with a dial =
of ~21001.06, or greater...

He is likely assuming your main carrier frequency was below 21000.00, =
given that  HIS radio uses upper sideband for CW and his main dial would =
thus be below 21000.00 when he was zero beating you against his audio =
Send the OO the information I've posted here and ask for his analysis... =
 He may need some remedial dial reading...
Also, you can pose to him that if you are using a non heterodyned, =
crystal controlled transmitter to place an ~80 cycle wide carrier =
centered at 21000.46, would that be a violation? And, by what technical =


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