[CQ-Contest] Band edges?

Richard Gelber RGelber at compuserve.com
Fri Dec 15 18:27:10 EST 2000


One of the problems with the OO program is that we don't normally get to
learn the circumstances of the OO's monitoring.

If, for example, the OO were close enough to you that you were 40 db over
S9 in his receiver, and if he had his receiver tuned to 20999.5 kHz with a
200hz filter with 60 db skirts, you would still be producing a 560 Hz note
in his receiver audio at S4-5 and be perfectly legal.

This is only one of several scenarios where a signal that is detected
"out-of-band" as far as a receiver is concerned, is in-band as far as the
actual transmitted spectrum is concerned, and would be seen as such on a
spectum analyzer of sufficient resolution and dynamic range.

Rich K2WR

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