[CQ-Contest] Band edges?

Ed Sleight k4sb at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 17 22:28:32 EST 2000

Fellows, some of the speculation going on is highly suspect. I remember
aksing the ARRL some years ago this specific question for SSB. Their
answer was if you are less than 3 kHz from the bottom edge on SSB on the
HF bands, you are out of band. At the same time, I seem to remember a
figure of 1.25 kHz for CW.

Speculation on the signal strength is merely that, any OO worth his salt
has variable step attenuators.

And as far as getting the FCC into it, let sleeping dogs lie! I would
hesitate to turn this into a dogfight between the OO, the operator, and
the FCC. You just might find the color changing on that notice.


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