[CQ-Contest] Slovenia contest club for friends

Tine Brajnik Tine.Brajnik at GUEST.ARNES.SI
Fri Dec 22 13:57:25 EST 2000

Time runs faster one would wish. For many of you, WRTC2000 is already 
history, for us - a job not finished just yet. At the begining of the year 
2001 all WRTC participants will receive CD with beautiful shots generously 
prepared by John, ON4UN and video tape, which is , however, still being 

New Year is close and it usually means a milestone. Not for us though! We 
sincerely hope that contest community will live on as active as in the past. 
We would like to see the WRTC idea being promoted further and hope for many
more opportunities to meet each other.

We extend our best wishes for happy holidays.

Happy New Year and CU in 2001 contests.

Tine Brajnik S50A
Slovenia Contest Club

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