[CQ-Contest] Curacao QTH Almost Ready

Geoff Howard ghoward at kent.edu
Fri Dec 22 15:12:27 EST 2000


Work is proceeding well on the former PJ9JT Curacao QTH. Both the house and
the station are improving steadily. (We operated as PJ2T, multi-single, in
CQWW CW and posted a decent 8.9M with modest antennas and three operators.)
The conditions from Curacao were not to be believed! It really IS a magic

The QTH will be available for use beginning with the January 2001 CQ 160
meter contest. It is booked for both CQWW contests in fall of 2001 and also
for ARRL CW. The place is still available for both WPX contests and ARRL
SSB, as well as for all other minor contests. 

The QTH is located within the grounds of the former Coral Cliff Hotel, site
of Radioteam Finland's monster successes in CQWW 10 years ago. Recently
reopened as the Sunset Waters Beach Resort, this American owned and
operated resort offers great pool, beach, and SCUBA opportunities for
non-ham family members.

All antennas, radios, computers, and linears are on site -- nothing to

Full info at http://asgard.kent.edu/ccc . 


     - Geoff, W0CG

Secretary/Treasurer, "Caribbean Contesting Consortium"

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