[CQ-Contest] Fw: logging software and hardware

Barry Kirkwood bjk at ihug.co.nz
Fri Dec 22 17:15:25 EST 2000

> Hello contesters:
> Firstly: Season's greetings and a competitive 2001 from ZL.
> Secondly: Thanks to all who responded so very constructively to my plea
> about "trainer wheels" for computer contest logging. The responses were
> very positive and helpful. Who says the ham spirit is dead?
> I think I respondeded to all, but if not, my apologies and thanks for the
> contribution.
> Consensus was to go T-R , and special thanks to Peter Grillo and Tree
> for sending dwon info and early T-R software. Now I have looked into it,
> wondering how I ever got by without it. Well, rather mediocre,
> Now, to look at logging hardware. My PC is a noisy brute and it occurs to
> that since the logging programmes seem very economical of machine power I
> might do better to buy an older laptop computer and dedicate it to the
> logging tasks. Would also mean I could take it along if I went
> or shack swapping.
> I am presuming that the average laptop with LCD and a linear power supply
> battery would be rf quieter than the average PC.  Is this right?
> Any comments on laptops for logging greatly appreciated.
> 73 es gl
> Baz ZL1DD
> end
> Barry Kirkwood PhD ZL1DD
> Signal Hill
> 66 Cory Road
> Palm Beach
> Waiheke Island 1240
> www.waiheke.co.nz/signal.htm

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