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Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at fyi.net
Mon Feb 7 16:58:57 EST 2000

It sounds like the wording of this rule may need tweaked to allow for modern

The spirit of the original rule & related rules, IMHO, was to restrict the
operating station to one physical location; ie, you would not wish to have a
multi-multi with different band positions located at different QTH's
scattered blocks, or miles or kilometers or more apart.  So the intent of
the rule in question was to make certain that the antennas were actually
connected to the station directly, not via a remote control.

Modern technology has certainly changed things.

So if I'm now running my station remotely (be it remote base, aux,
whatever), can I participate in the contest ethically?  Consider that it
won't be long, if it has not already happened, that Kachina and Pegasus -
equipment could be remote controlled via the Internet.

I'd like to see a clarification so that if my station is operated remotely,
and the entire operating position (transceiver, antennas, etc) are at one
physical location, I can operate the entire station remotely.  However, I
can not operate another remote station (or my home station), nor can I share
the remote equipment with another station.

So I may not have to physically be at the transmitter controls, but I can
only operate that station for the duration.  (My wording may be awkward, but
I think my intent is clear).  But if I'm running the remote station for the
duration, no on else can during my off times.

How's that sound?


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>The "antennas connected by wire" rule was made to prevent dialing up a
>receiver, in say Germany, to help you, in the USA, to better hear the
>Europeans calling you.  At the time the rule was written a very few people,
>mainly government/military types, had access to this sort of situation.
>Today it is more available via internet.  But even if everyone could use
>remote receivers, IMHO  it constitutes a gross abuse of contesting spirit.
>I believe this may have been added before the question of what constituted
>"property"  in a Communist country arose, from which the 500 meter circle
>I don't have problems when the entire station is remoted a relatively short
>distance, as is the case with N5ZC.
>This does however lead to a question that technologically is now
>realistically possible: remote operation of an entire DX station via remote
>control from back home in the USA, or wherever.  If I operate VK0MR or
>by connecting to a Kachina and antennas sitting in VK0 or 5A while I am
>sitting at my computer in Cleveland, am I a DX station?  Can I run the
>pileups from VK0 until the band goes dead and then QSY to working them from
>5A?  Can I connect into 9M6 to give by club buddies or multi-multi team a
>Ain't technology and ethics a dynamite combination?
>73  - Jim   K8MR
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