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Mon Feb 7 15:22:45 EST 2000

The "antennas connected by wire" rule was made to prevent dialing up a remote 
receiver, in say Germany, to help you, in the USA, to better hear the 
Europeans calling you.  At the time the rule was written a very few people, 
mainly government/military types, had access to this sort of situation.  
Today it is more available via internet.  But even if everyone could use such 
remote receivers, IMHO  it constitutes a gross abuse of contesting spirit.

I believe this may have been added before the question of what constituted 
"property"  in a Communist country arose, from which the 500 meter circle 

I don't have problems when the entire station is remoted a relatively short 
distance, as is the case with N5ZC.

This does however lead to a question that technologically is now 
realistically possible: remote operation of an entire DX station via remote 
control from back home in the USA, or wherever.  If I operate VK0MR or 5A1MR 
by connecting to a Kachina and antennas sitting in VK0 or 5A while I am 
sitting at my computer in Cleveland, am I a DX station?  Can I run the 
pileups from VK0 until the band goes dead and then QSY to working them from 
5A?  Can I connect into 9M6 to give by club buddies or multi-multi team a new 

Ain't technology and ethics a dynamite combination?

73  - Jim   K8MR

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