[CQ-Contest] W6BIP SK

Jon Kimball kl2a at att.net
Tue Feb 8 13:42:26 EST 2000

W6BIP  - sparks some memories....

Aw, the bug, a viborplex perhaps?  We all remember the very distinctive 
swing in OM Bips cw!  The swing of his paddle,  his very sharp, 
and loud signal floats effortlessly.

>From KL7Y, my training ground and favorite QTH on the planet;
the sounds of Bips signal rings in my ears.  It would portray the Pacific
Bounce, as if nothing were in the way... a floating and swirling that only
the biggest stations would emit, this alone proved he had a QTH to endear.

I remember meeting "Bip" and his wife in Seattle @ the NW Dx Convention
way back around 1982 or 84 ?  The same time I was introduced to all the
other NW boys we've all become so fond of: W7RM, NN7L, K7SS, K7LXC 
etc...  I was 12 years old.

Being dropped off with that bunch was a brave maneuver on the parentals
part as we all stayed up late into the night talking of DX and etc...Bip
was there too; up late with the rest of us.  

The last time I saw him was that same weekend, waving good bye to him and 
the xyl as they drove back to W6 land...

Farewell BIP - thanks for the Q's.

73 de KL2A ex NL7GP, WL7BEK (those were the days)

>Seen at ARRL web site:
>  "Wilbur E. "Bip" Bachman, W6BIP, SK: Well-known San 
>   Francisco-area amateur and contester Wilbur E. "Bip" 
>   Bachman died of heart failure February 2 at his home. 
>   He was 88."

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