[CQ-Contest] Remote Antennas and More

Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at fyi.net
Tue Feb 8 17:47:38 EST 2000

Keeping in mind that we never will anticipate the unintended consequences...
(or else they'd be intended, right?)

1)    DXCC status would be determined by the physical location of the
2)    Multiplier would be determined by the physical location of the
3)    Access to the station would be controlled by whomever owns the
equipment.  Yes, there is a risk of it being put up for bid.  But consider
that there are nice to very nice operating positions across the country and
in winter vacation spots (ie the Carribean for one) that can be rented for a
reasonable price.  Is it that much differerent?  Personally, I would try to
restrict contest operation of the remote station to it's owner... but that
may prove to be virtually unenforceable, especially if it's owned by a club.

Before someone says "well then, just ban them" consider that there are many
amateurs with antenna restrictions at their homes who are looking into
remote base or auxilliary station operation.  Do you ban them from
contesting because of a fear of someone, for example, putting an computer
controlled, Internet connected station on one of the Spratly Islands, or on
one of the rocks in the VP6 chain?


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>> So if I'm now running my station remotely (be it remote base, aux,
>> whatever), can I participate in the contest ethically?  Consider that it
>> won't be long, if it has not already happened, that Kachina and Pegasus -
>> type equipment could be remote controlled via the Internet.
>What does this do for things like DXCC and multipliers?  I wonder if we
really want
>fully automated, remote control stations in desireable DX locations, with
access sold
>to the highest bidder.
>This rule could have a great impact on both contesting and DX-ing, and
needs to be
>carefully examined for unintended consequences.
>Mark Bailey, KD4D

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