[CQ-Contest] cq Anaheim/California from PI4COM-member (PA5AT)

Ulli Grunow ulli at wxs.nl
Mon Feb 14 17:07:03 EST 2000

Dear Contesting friends !

My name is Ulli and I am member from the (hopefully!) known Dutch
contest group PI4COM.
I will stay in California from 21st of February until the 16th of April
and I really like to get in contact with contesters and active hams from
the region of Orange county or region Los Angeles.

Is there anyone who need an experienced guy to support your contest
activity (ant building, etc,) in the periode while I will be in
California ?!?
Or.... just nice eyeball meeting  ?!
May I probably visit you sometimes ?!

Then please let me know in the next few days  or leave a message to the
hotel. I will also carry VHF (2m) and UHF (70cm) with me. 
Hopefully I can contact the local repeaters...

Unfortunately I don't think that I have a working E-mail adres which I
can access from the US and which I can inform today... I hope I can get
any positive reply within this week to my todays E-mail...ulli at wxs.nl

Obviously I am dreaming from real big activity from california, sitting
"on the other side"  - probably during ARRL contest ?!

I will stay in Anaheim for the whole time. I will have a rental car
during my stay so I can travel to your location for something nice...

My name:  Ulli Grunow
Company: Extron Electronics, Anaheim/CA
My call in the US:  W6/PA5AT
My experience:	Extra class, since 1977, Specialist in Low-band DX-ing,
SSB-contester since 1979 (DK0TU, DF0RR (old KC1XX home), PI4COM
Ant building (especially low-bands, 80m 4squares, LPDA wire beams, etc)

Contact in Anaheim:
Marriott - Residence Inn (Hotel)
1700 S. Clementine Street
Anaheim California
Telephone: (714)533-3555
(I don't know the number of my room yet...)

I will be happy to hear from you !

Regards, and greetings 

Ulli, W6/PA5AT

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