[CQ-Contest] New IC-756PRO in upcoming ARRL CW DX Contest??

David Rich kg0us at swbell.net
Mon Feb 14 17:24:20 EST 2000

I was wondering if any of you big gun contesters have given the new
IC-756PRO a try?  I would be much interested in the results if someone
is planning on using a IC-756PRO during the upcoming ARRL CW DX
contest.  It looks like a neat radio.  My only concern is that it does
not allow for the use of optional crystal filters in the IF stages
before the DSP.  It comes with 15 KHz crystal filters in the IF stages
before the DSP.  I am concerned that with that wide of bandwidth that
big signals may swamp out the analog IF stages when attempting to listen
to weaker signals in the pass band.  Of course,  I do not know for sure
that this is an issue but will be amazed if it performs extremely well
under severe crowded contest conditions.

Dave KG0US

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