[CQ-Contest] IC-756PRO

PETER HUTTER phutter at sarnoff.com
Tue Feb 15 13:00:15 EST 2000

I would be highly suspicious of this thing. First, the 15 Khz filter in
the 1st IF  is useless because too much
energy from all of the signals passing through will clobber the DSP. And
these signals that are many Khz away will modulate the AGC while
listening to the desired signal at a narrow bandwidth. I've seen this
happen to an radio that's on the market today on CW during Field Day
last summer. I swapped out the  "X" brand radio for an old TS-930 after
playing with it for 20minutes with total frustration.
The second design fault is that there's no narrow  crystal filters in
latter IF stages to protect the fragile DSP stuff
from crunching over that will create digital artifacts in the passband,
ugh. Just imagine how much processing
power and speed is required to process this properly. They exist but,
not cheap.
 This radio may be fine  for casual operating on a quiet band, but may
be a disaster in a crowed contest enviroment.
   An Icom representative at our local contest club meeting said this
radio is the competitor of the Yaesu FT-1000MP.
      73, Peter WW2Y

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