[CQ-Contest] The UNLIMITED category.

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 17 09:53:24 EST 2000

Hi all,

What a fascinating idea. It would certainly be interesting to see what transpired. And since there would be no comparisons with other classes possible (and likely a small percentage of entrants in each), probably even comparisons within this class would be impossible, I see this having no adverse effect on other classes.

It would have an ancillary effect, however. I mean, it's pretty darn unlikely that a VU2 will ever get to pick up the VE4 mult on 75 meters. But give me an Internet-connected remote station in Sri Lanka... Still, I don't think that's a major concern, given that every VU2 will have the same opportunity to work my Sri Lanka remote as any other VU2.

The interesting thing here, though, would not be the scores: far more fascinating would be the technological tales explaining what was used, how and what effect it had on operations. I think you could fill 20 pages of CQ with these kinds of tales. I'd read every word. 

I can also see this class, used to its fullest, as offering unique insight into the current rules: pointing out which ones work, which ones don't and which ones are just plain unnecessary. Anything that can add some brevity to rules has got to be a good thing.

How would you identify? VE4XT/VQ2/ON4/5H3/PY1? What a mouthful! And on CW! 

73, kelly

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