[CQ-Contest] Relative signal strengths

Don Moman ve6jy at freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Mon Feb 21 15:03:16 EST 2000

Any comments on 15 or 20m from the DX side?  

We had 3 single band efforts from VE6JY : Joel VE6WQ on 15 and Bill VE6BF
on 20.  I just handed out a few Q on 80 (with checklogs on 160 and 40). 
Only Eu worked was OT0T, altho RW2F and UA6LV were also heard well, but
couldn't hear me. 6V6U and ZD8Z were very strong and worked the first

>From here, 15 is nearly vacant of anyone CQing (in your morning hours in
Eu) so the band sounds dead when it really isn't.  Both mornings generated
instant rate with the first CQ, 0815 the first day, 0730 the second. It
likely was open even earlier, but that was when we guessed and set the
alarm clock to... 

15m #'s  2074x113 for 702K  (VE6WQ)

20 was open to Eu all 48 hours but too many were enjoying the higher bands
to make for enough activity on 20m.

20m #'s 1393x104 for 397K  (VE6BF)  

We were all thankful the predicted solar disturbance did not destroy the
bands during the contest.  

73 Don

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