[CQ-Contest] WRTC rules

Scott Robbins w4pa at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 21 19:13:39 EST 2000

Gleaned from WRTC 2000 rules:

> 4.   Band and mode changing: Any control of transceiver's functions =
> interface and logging software is not allowed, the only exception =
being CW
> keying. All functions must be performed by the operators manually.

> 2.   Antenna switches: No antenna switches are allowed. Antennas must=20
be changed manually.

That's really interesting - I suppose these are being done in the 
interest of "operator" being stressed over technology.  I like it.  I
like technology, and pushing the envelope to the limits of operator
ability, but this is a radio operator competition and the emphasis
should be on operator ability rather than items that help the
operator win the contest. 

Besides, some of us are old pros at VERY QUICKLY unscrewing and
reattaching PL259's on radios and antenna tuners.  Make sure to pack
those SO239-to-PL259 quick disconnects for your trip to S55!

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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