[CQ-Contest] FORCE 12 Reflector

Natan Huffman force12e at lightlink.com
Tue Feb 22 15:09:52 EST 2000

Dear Friends,

We have just initiated a new FORCE 12 reflector through the facilities of
QTH.COM.  The purpose of this reflector is to provide a forum for the
discussion of FORCE 12 products, installation, performance or assembly
issues, modifications, updates and new product ideas.

There is much for all to gain by an open forum where problems can be solved
through innovative and practical solutions.  You are all welcome to join.

To join the reflector please send a message to:

list at qth.com

In the body of the message, put:

join force12talk

Thanks to all.


Natan W6XR/2
Force 12 East

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