[CQ-Contest] Relative signal strengths

Vladimir V. Sidorov eu1sa at belsonet.net
Tue Feb 22 12:28:40 EST 2000

In Belarus VO1MP was the first on the 10 m both days, well an hour prior to
other NAs. Than the usual team of East Coast big guns (including W3LPL, same
level as others) all at once, and than in a half an hour - all others.
BTW 15 m both days were started with VE6WQ with a great signal, good two
hours prior to others.

73 "Walt" EU1SA
>| An observation...
>| I noticed in the ARRL Contest on Sunday that the first US station to
>| on 10m was W3LPL, at about 1120z, around 28.011. It's interesting that
>| were up to an S8 or more, and no other W/VE stations had even begun to
>| appear. It would be interesting to compare the LPL 10m antenna system
>| the other east coast big guns, because they were obviously doing
>| well different. This phenomenon only lasted about 15 mins. Maybe other
>| Europeans noticed?
>| Stewart GM4AFF at GM0F
>In Finland the 1st NA station (both days) on 10ms was VO1MP. He was audible
at least 20 minutes before any USA stations. The 1st USA on Saturday was
K1RX. On Sunday K1s and K2s were S9 at the time when K3LR or W3LPL were just
in the noise.
>73, Timo OH1NOA
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