[CQ-Contest] WRTC Rules + looking for teammate

K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Wed Feb 23 12:01:25 EST 2000

Bob, KQ2M writes:
>  The purpose of a competition is to allow the competitors to UNLEASH
>  their skill, ability and energy in the pursuit of excellence and
>  technology allows the opportunity to exhibit MORE skill and excellence
>  by allowing us to use the energy in more efficient ways.  Turning our
>  back on technology and knowledge only reduces competition to the lowest
>  common denominator and allows the slower, less energetic and less
>  motivated to be at a level they otherwise would not have the capacity to
>  achieve on their own.


I always prided myself in trying to be a "complete" contester - that is, one 
who is trying to master all aspects and parts that makeup contest entry. 
Design my own station (trying to do better than what is commercially 
available - pushing the limits of technology), master the areas that are 
involved (propagation, experience) and operating skills (endurance, 
efficiency, speed) under the restraints of capabilities (real estate, money) 
without traveling to geographically advantaged location. (Except with my late 
VE1ZZ adventures - forced by no home contest QTH and competition/rules.) 
Gaining a fraction of a dB in all those areas spells winning scores, broken 
    I was pleased to make it into the North American wild (card) team (still 
looking for a teammate), and I was already mentally exercising super-duper 
design of setup that would allow team (2 ops) efficiently run and chase 
multipliers, but I was a bit disappointed with "manual" ruling - no ant. 
switches (?), no connections between rigs (??) and computers (???), etc. (Who 
are we trying to please or equalize with? Natives from Spratley?) It makes me 
wonder: Do I really need a teammate? (Do rules force me to have one? Can I 
trade the teammate for rigs interface? I got two ears, two receivers and no 
arguments with myself :-) 
    I will play by the rules, whatever they are. But shouldn't we try to keep 
the pace with tech. times? I am not for type of (competition) changes like 
putting the engine on the sail boat, but I would like to see the rules 
outlining the possibilities for implementing some technology and ingenuity. 
We can all be stimulated and pushed to new heights especially at the event 
like WRTC, trying to be "Ham Radio Olympics" (or more like All Stars 
Tournament?). Having rules published after most of the selection is done, it 
is kind of - in "surprise" category. They could have been rehashed here on 
the reflector and some consensus arrived at (is it too late?)
    How about specifying antenna parameters and other limitations and leaving 
room for equipment configurations? That should be established early, so 
people know what they are getting into. Wouldn't hurt to consult some top 
notch, experienced engineering/contesting types. 
    Anyway, is anybody out there capable of swapping connectors (and 
operating, of course) who would join me without slowing me down too much? Has 
to be from North America incl. America (US), able to travel, pay for own 
accommodation, endure some training and have motivation to win anyway.

73 and GL to all (Stars), I am already greasing up the slip-on connectors and 
lowered the intake of carbos!

Yuri Blanarovich, VE3BMV

 It will be a great honor to be able to compete in the event and the area 
where the greatest engineering genius and father of radio - Dr. Nikola Tesla 
(NT1E?) was born. 
See you all there! 

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