[CQ-Contest] WRTC Rules + looking for teammate

Hans, K0HB k0hb at arrl.org
Wed Feb 23 13:46:21 EST 2000

Bob, KQ2M writes:

>   Turning our back on technology and knowledge only reduces 
>   competition to the lowest common denominator and allows the 
>   slower, less energetic and less motivated to be at a level 
>   they otherwise would not have the capacity to achieve on 
>   their own.

The invitations to participate in this competition were issued
to individuals (teams) which have demonstrated world-class
skills in radiosport.  To imply that some are "slower, less
engergetic and less motivated" is a horrific insult to both
the other competitors and to the selection committee which
invited them.

To publicly issue that insult on an international forum such 
as this reflector strikes me a WAY outside the pale of civil
manners among honorable competitors.


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