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K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Thu Feb 24 21:15:26 EST 2000

jim KI7Y writes:

>  One possible reason for the connection rule could be the cost and
>  complexity of equipping many volunteered stations to the same state of the
>  art switching level.
>  73 

Sponsor provides QTH, electricity (I hope), power limitation and antennas. 
Contesters can bring whatever they like. I didn't think that coax switch or 
relays are that "complex," any idiot (never mind super duper contester) can 
make or buy one for $5. If we are spending kilobucks for transceiver, is the 
coax switch the handicap?
    We are bordering on the question "better operator" vs. "better 
contester." Operator is more in the "drive in" category - he knows how to 
operate, but is ignorant in the station design and setup (one extreme). Most 
likely he can be tested with pileup tapes. Contester is the one who designs, 
builds the optimized station and knows how to operate it for the winning 
score (other extreme). Lets try to compare to America's Cup. Do they give 
sailors the same boat, or they let them design and build their own within the 
limitations of the rules and operate it? The same goes for car races. We are 
technical sport, radio equipment design and configuration is part of it (just 
like boat or car). Equalizing it by giving everybody dinghy or moped would be 
laughable in sailing or car races. Seems that in ham radio it isn't, lists, 
nets and now (not even coax switch) contesting are "normal." Heck, we don't 
need to get on the air at all, we can simulate "operating conditions" on the 
networked computers and see who is the best (what?).
    Personally I think we are in the second category. One who can design, 
build and operate effectively his station is the complete contester and will 
beat the "drive in" operator most of the time. 
    For years we had discussions about allowing one lousy point for domestic 
QSOs in WPX contest. All kinds of arguments against. Last year we finally got 
it. It was universally praised, scores and participation jumped up, more 
enjoyment, no more arguing about not being in the log - big plus. (SM2EKM was 
dead wrong!) 
    The decision about the rules etc. should be made on recommendation of 
those who achieved something in the area, rather than those who are 
scrambling to pull the leaders back down to the mud. Like, go back to sparks, 
straight key and wire antenna?
    Ham is a person with his station, license (callsign) and operating 
skills. WRTC as a premier contest operating event should be leading and 
encouraging the use of technology in contesting. This is where innovations 
should come from and we will all benefit from it.
    Now back to greasing the connectors.

73 Yuri, K3BU

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>From K4RO Kirk Pickering <k4ro at k4ro.net>  Fri Feb 25 04:08:21 2000
From: K4RO Kirk Pickering <k4ro at k4ro.net> (K4RO Kirk Pickering)
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 22:08:21 -0600 (CST)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Does might make right in contesting?

I am curious how the contesting community feels about this one.
This is not intended as an exercise in finger pointing, although
I am tempted to note one particular example from a very prominent 
USA M/M station this last weekend.  But what's the point?  Everybody
knows that it happens, and most ops know who the worst offenders are.
Just like most people know who runs gas, etc., word gets out.

The question is simple: is it OK to take a frequency from someone?

Are there times when it is OK and times when it is not?  Please explain.

Are there "prime areas" where it is acceptable, and areas where it is not?

Is it acceptable for mega-stations to battle it out in the "prime"
real-estate, and the "meek & weak" should stay the hell away? :-)

Is it acceptable for a loud station to take whatever frequency
they want, no matter where in the band?

Is there a line somewhere that can be crossed?  Where is it?

In short, does might make right?   This IS a CONTEST, right?    

If an op is running 70/hr on a frequency and you know you can 
do 100+/hr, is it OK to jump in there and take over his/her 
frequency?  Is courtesy an issue in contesting?  Or is it OK to
bump weaker stations out of the way when you need a frequency
and have the capability to take one?   Your thoughts, please.

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