[CQ-Contest] Does might make right in contesting?

Chris Hurlbut wl7ky at gci.net
Thu Feb 24 21:28:56 EST 2000

I am a relatively new contester, and I have always wondered the same thing.
One thing has always worked for me, and I don't think I have ever lost rate
because of it.

Don't try to take a frequency.

I know there have been many times I could have easily stolen a frequency,
but it wasn't worth it.  Most ops will try and battle for a few minutes, and
by the time you are done fighting, you could have found a clear spot
elsewhere and be running a pileup.
After taking someone's frequency, however, they never forget your call.
Usually they will not work you again.  That can't help out the score!
What's the golden rule?  "Treat others only in ways that you're willing to
be treated in the same exact situation."
Works for me.

I would also like to comment on my observations of some of the 'big guns.'
A lot of guys KNOW they are really really loud, and can break a pileup
easily on a mult.  However...  often I will be running a pileup and get,
say, W9A?.  So I will send W9A 5NN 1
Then nothing... so I send agn, W9A 5NN 1
Wait for 2 nanoseconds and he comes back, then usually MORE THAN ONE so
called 'big gun' will call on top of him, knowing that I can hear them fine.
I stick with it and work the W9Awhatever, then go back to the pile.
This slows the rate down, I know, but I called W9Asomething, not everyone
else.  So please, take a step back, and look at your 'radio etiquette.'  It
makes contesting a lot more pleasant when you follow that one simple rule.
-Chris KL9A  (ex WL7KY)
kl9a at qsl.net

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>From N7RX" <neal at sacon.net  Fri Feb 25 06:53:46 2000
From: N7RX" <neal at sacon.net (N7RX)
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 22:53:46 -0800
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Does might make right in contesting?
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No, its not ok. Think of the contest as the Boston Marathon. Anybody can
run. Only the strongest can win. But nobody can shove somebody else off the
road. Its unsporting.

On the other, who gives a rip. I run a meek little single-op, single radio,
low power, unassisted, beamless operation here, and I'm not competing with
those guys anyway and they're rude to everyone. If I'm lucky enough to find
a hotspot, I run as efficiently as I can because I know it ain't gonna last.
Besides, the frequency thieves are no worse than the nitwits who think the
world should stop spinning so that they can have their nightly sked on their
nightly frequency to poll each other on who passed water that day and who
didn't, and I don't waste time arguing with them either. If you're on the
air and you feel entitled, do us all a favor ...

And that's what makes the Sprints so great. Tends to eliminate that
nonsense; evens the score, so to speak. What we need is a 24 hour low-power
sprint so we can see who's who.

Thanks for asking.

73 Neal N7RX

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