[CQ-Contest] Does might make right in contesting?

Bob Perring N5RP at pdq.net
Fri Feb 25 15:02:35 EST 2000

At 22:08 2/24/00 -0600, K4RO Kirk Pickering wrote:
>The question is simple: is it OK to take a frequency from someone?
>Are there times when it is OK and times when it is not?  Please explain.
I think this has become the accepted practice.

Let's say I have been listening to the East coast run Europe for hours on 
end, and I have not been able to have very good QSO rate because of 
propagation imbalance.

Now then, the band starts to become quite nice to W5 here with signal 
levels increasing.
Since I have been on the outside, looking inside, and since I have ho-hum 
antennas, and since, it is, after all, the East Coast, and they can work 
Europe after my edge diminishes, it is OK for me to steal a frequency from 
a big gun runner East Coast F1 type.

But now, once I have the frequency, the big gun F1 runner types on the East 
coast must now move to another band with their alt F1/F2 and F1 key.

This is OK in a CW contest, 'cuz the big gun F1 runner types on the East 
Coast can't argue with you in CW mode.

In an SSB contest, this is not the case, since they do have the ability to 
argue, all be it with strange accents, high pitched constricted audio, 
and  a lot of compression.

In a situation such as this, during an SSB contest, Lord Riley might be 
listening, and then everyone gets in trouble.

Since Lord Riley can't copy CW, and since East Coast big gun F1 runners 
can't actually communicate (argue with you) very well in CW, I would 
suggest confining my frequency theft contest ploys to CW contests.

These are my thoughts, but there is a slight outside chance that others 
might clearly ("clearly" being that modifier often used by government 
spokes people) fail to understand this agreement of contesting operating 
practice. Should this be the case, you might get bad E-mail messages after 
the contest.

Hope this clarifies things for you,
Bob, N5RP
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