[CQ-Contest] 40 Meter Band Plans

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Fri Feb 25 14:42:33 EST 2000

Rag LA5HE said::
> > As the phone section of ARRL contest is coming up, may
> >  I remind US stations not to ask for Europeans to
> >  transmit below 7040.  That would invite infridgment of
> >  the Region 1  Band plan and cause a lot of hard
> >  feelings in the CW community.
Jim K8MR replied:
> Last weekend in the ARRL CW contest I heard and worked European stations
> to about 7070 or so.  Was this an infringement of the Region 1 Band Plan,
> did it cause a lot of hard feelings in the SSB community?
> Jim   K8MR

With CW above 7040 (usually up to 7060 most nights) and digital all over the
band from 7035 to 7100 where does SSB operate with
strong inaction to the other modes.   If CW stayed 7040 and below and
Digital 7080 and above that would give 7041 to 7079 for SSB.
As an avid 40 meter SSB Dxer its difficult to work DX (even with strong
sigs) if CW or digital unloads on the freq.  7045 and 7060 are regularly
used DX freqs for Dxpeditions.  At least keep them clear when the
Dxpeditions are on.   FR5DX has tried in the past to bring up FR5/J, FR5/T
et al on 7045 and more often than not the freq is covered with mainly USA CW
sigs.  Most in EU keep this freq clear
We need a plan before the WARC conference on 40 as that still might be

Dave K4JRB

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