[CQ-Contest] Wow - interesting times

n6tr at teleport.com n6tr at teleport.com
Fri Feb 25 19:30:37 EST 2000

Sure are a lot of interesting threads going on.  A few comments from
my perspective:

Coax switches at WRTC:  I think the intent of this rule has more to
do with preventing some kind of multi operation than it does with
equalization.  We had the same rule at WRTC-96 as I remember.

Pileup tapes and operator ability:  I don't susbcribe that there is
a correlation between the two.  The skills needed to do well in a 
pileup tape are different than the skills needed to win a contest.
Some of the basic skills needed are the same - but if you haven't 
practiced pileup tapes - you will get beat by someone who has.  I
recently took one and finally figured out some of the secrets to
doing well - like copying the middle of the next call and filling
in the start of it on the next time and moving onto to get the middle
of the next call and so on.  I don't think I have ever had to do that
in a contest.

Frequency stealing:  Please refer to K3ZO's post about this.


He has stated the situation perfectly and there isn't any way I can 
improve on it.  QRM happens in a contest and conditions change.  
Strife will be generated as the frequencies are redistributed based 
upon the changing conditions.  Making a big deal out of this and 
trying to make a black and white statement is counterproductive.  
Do we want the FCC (or any other government agency) getting into the 
middle of this?

Once again - my suggestion to eliminate the problem is to adopt the 
Sprint QSY rule for all contests.  Frequency ownership becomes 
irrelevant and the operator is emphasised.  Maybe that is what we 
should do at WRTC-2004.

Tree N6TR

PS: I thought the post about the HW-101 and IC-765PRO was backwards.

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