[CQ-Contest] M/M bashing

Gilmer, Mike mgilmer at gnlp.com
Fri Feb 25 16:18:23 EST 2000

I realize the original questions were asking about stealing a frequency.  It
has been deflected somewhat to M/M bashing (gee, I wonder why?!).

On this point, it seems lost on many that a big M/M has guys who get up in
the wee hours of the morning and have a cup of coffee.  These ops then sit
down in front of a radio on a dead band, tune around for a few minutes and
start calling CQ.  If they've gotten up early enough, no one will answer.
They'll call CQ again.  Still, no answers.  This is really boring.  They go

They won't go to the top of the band to do this.  Would you?  Nearly
everyone starts tuning around on a not-quite-open band near the bottom and
that's where these M/M ops are going to be.  The frequency "possession" has
occurred long before any self-respecting single-op (all-band) ever ventures
to the band.  Assuming the SOAB arrives on 15meters when he should, the
bottom is already crowded.  Go figure.

Also, M/Ms tend to have big antennas.  This allows them to "open up the
band" - so I guess it makes sense for them to park at the bottom and CQ into
the unresponsive ether.   Yes, the jealous types can whine about East Coast
advantage, but that's not the M/Ms fault.

There are two ways to stop this M/M "ownership" of prime real estate.  One
is to ban M/Ms. The other is to incorporate NA Sprint-like QSY rules.  I
foresee neither happening.

Mike N2MG

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