[CQ-Contest] Frequency stealing

Mark Beckwith swca at ionet.net
Mon Feb 28 09:31:42 EST 2000

My goodness there was a lot to read this morning about all the ethics of CQ

The discussion rehashes topics that have been discussed countless times.
Yes, sometimes the other guy can't hear you very well.  Sometimes you can't
hear the other guy.  You think 400Hz is okay, he disagrees.  He thinks
200Hz is okay, but it wrecks your run.  Yada yada yada.

My take?  How close you can get is up to you and your own station.  If that
is too close for the other guy, that's HIS problem, not yours.  He should
upgrade his skills, receiver and antennas.  Otherwise we are dictated by
the lowest-common-denominator.  Not good.

I would like to hear from Tree and Fred, both of whom get the highest
respect from me, the answer to a simple black-and-white question:

Is it okay for someone, who knows they have the resources (mental and
hardware) to easily TAKE a frequency from another station who has a run
going, to do so on purpose and with intent?

To me this is a separate issue, which some people have addressed and some
people have not (like N6TR and K3ZO).

Some (a very small number like, what, 2?) have said YES, this is OKAY.  I
tend to disagree, but if the ops I respect the highest say THEY think it is
okay, I might decide to reconsider my position.

And to N5RP who says "even race cars get dented" I have to chuckle because
I always thought of Contesting like Formula One racing - but never thought
of it like NASCAR  :)

I guess some of us are Sterling Mosses and others are AJ Foyts.  It
probably takes all kinds.  (Does that make WRTC like IROC?).

This is all very interesting.

73 - Mark, N5OT

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