[CQ-Contest] Anybody have any BY4AA info?

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Mon Feb 28 18:32:04 EST 2000

One of the K8CC operators, Dennis, KT8X (ex-HL9JZ) is going to be in China
on business for Ford over the weekend.  Through contacts at the plant, he
has been communicating with the BY4AA ops and has been permission to come
operate the station in the ARRL DX SSB contest this weekend.

Language problems has made getting information about the station equipment
extremely difficult.  Considering we work BY4AA occasionally in contests I
would assume they have a modern transceiver.  Dennis is taking a Heil
headset with all three adapters (Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu), plus a
footswitch and laptop with contest logging software.  Does anyone have any
info on what the actual station setup might be?  Of particular interest is
the antennas, especially for the low bands.

If anyone has any info, please shoot it to me pronto and I'll pass it
along - he leaves Tuesday morning (i.e., tomorrow).

Thanks in advance.  Hopefully we can all get a few extra band-multipliers
out of Dennis' efforts.



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