[CQ-Contest] push around/interference

Michael S. Mitchell, W6RW w6rw at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 28 22:32:35 EST 2000

Okay....let me get this straight.....I'm looking for a good run 
frequency to call CQ........I find KR2Q with a good run going.....I 
think "Hey, he's QRP...I can win this frequency!" Now, do I send QRL 
before I try and win the frequency? Or do I just call CQ on top of 
KR2Q? If I send a QRL and he answers with a yes.....do I ignore the 
yes and send CQ on top of him so I can win the frequency? I guess 
that I'm having a tough time reconciling the difference between "winning" 
and "stealing" this frequency.

Then I look at the rules and find that I might be disqualified for 
unsportsmanlike conduct and then I am really having a hard time 
with "winning" a run frequency by calling CQ over the top of someone. 
Maybe I just don't want to "win" badly enough!

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