[CQ-Contest] push around/interference

Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at fyi.net
Tue Feb 29 06:19:22 EST 2000

This is one morning I didn't need coffee to wake up.

"Why is this so hard to understand?"


In a few lines of pseudo-legalesee double-talk, you have justified every bit
of unethical, unsportsmanlike conduct that takes place in a contest.

I can hear it now... "Sorry old boy, I know I just worked you, I know you
were calling CQ for an hour here, but who owns a frequency?  I won it fair
and square -- so kiss my posterior"

I thought the whole POINT of a contest -- any contest -- was to match an
operators skill in assembling and operating a station, NOT in his ability to
out-muscle someone on the air.  Hell, why bother learning skills, just build
a couple of West Coast "Kilowatt" amps and overpower anyone you want!

Underlying the rules of every major contest -- and almost every contest --
is an understanding, implied if not written (and sometimes it's written)
that good amateur practices (which frequency stealing is NOT) and general
good sportsmanlike conduct, let alone adherence to the governmental rules of
amateur radio that a particular amateur operates under, are the foundation
on which the contest rules lie.  Or has this been conveniently forgotten

Are you condoning winning at any or all costs?  Are you?

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