[CQ-Contest] Oh my gawd TS870 question!

Paul Brice-Stevens paul at g0wat.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 29 22:42:36 EST 2000

in the process of considering a new radio I have been looking at all the
comments on the TS870 and have read all the stinky reviews as
well...however most of these appear to stem from the first models to hit
the airwaves and Kenwood tell me it is now a much different beast (in
fairness I wouldn't expect them to say otherwise) 

To save those whose teeth have already dropped out with boredom on this
subject would any current model users be kind enough to send me their
thoughts on the subject. 

My main interest is CW Contesting, although I do have a microphone...now
lemesee, is it in the top drawer or the bottom one? 
Paul Brice-Stevens

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