[CQ-Contest] WRTC from the West Coast

Jamie WW3S jtolbert at gremlan.org
Sun Jul 9 15:47:11 EDT 2000

I noticed the same results on signal strength...one of my notes reads "S564Q
lite on 15m ssb" yet a little later they were very readable and Q5. The only
2 real differences I noted were at 2138 on 15m SSB ( abt 8 kc apart) S582A
was almost S9 on my TS850 and S577V was barely S4; same thing at 2245, S564Q
was very Q5 and yet 2 kc below was S568Y just above the noise. Curious to
know the difference in location, elevation just to see what really causes a
difference. I know my 10M opening was very short this morning yet stations
abt 90 miles south of here seemed to be working everything. I think for the
most part all the station I heard were very equal, at least on cw. On SSB,
while the sig strength seemed equal, some of the guys seemed to have much
more "punch" to their signal...not really overdriven, but probably a
difference in mikes.

73 Jamie WW3S

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