[CQ-Contest] WRTC and IARU

Allan and Bridget dxcc at dbtech.net
Mon Jul 10 01:00:17 EDT 2000

Well, looks like I'm on the low end of the totem pole regarding the number
of WRTC QSOs that ended up in my log.  I only ended up with 40 WRTC
contacts, and some were multiples from either changes in band and/or mode.
I had hoped to be able to accomplish two things at once:  work many WRTC
stations, and improving last year's score in IARU.  While our score in the
contest was better (albeit peanuts compared to the big guns) we didn't work
as many WRTC stations as I had hoped.

I have to agree with the other comments made regarding the quality of
operating, and as someone who still had something to learn, it was nice to
be able to sit back and "watch" them.  I very rarely had to repeat a call;
the ops usually got the full call right the first time (maybe it's my
southern drawl, but most IARU ops tended to hear my "4" as a "2" among other
problems).  There was only one "iffy" contact and that was on CW, where the
op didn't come back with the corrected call.  I also noted that signals were
fairly equal with QSB hitting all at various times.  At any rate, it was
nice to be able to slip in and out, especially when using VFO B for S & P
contacts.   I didn't get to see the packet spots because my husband (my
multi-op partner) was out of town until about  3:00 UTC, so there wasn't
much time for spotting "new ones".

As to band condx, I was a bit disappointed in the daytime noise level of
15m.  In AL, the noise floor was typically S7, and many people who called me
were only audible with both noise blankers enacted on the 1000MP.  While on
a running frequency, I had the choice of either deciphering through the
distortion caused by the noise blankers or not hearing the stations at all
(I felt like I was on 160m without a beverage).  Night condx were nice,
however, and we ended up on 15m until around 7:00 UTC when we finally
succumbed to the reliability of 20m until the contest's end.  At any rate,
we did manage to improve our score over last year's, so my main goal was

Well, that's my .25 worth.  I would like to add my congratulations to the
guys in S5 land for the way the WRTC was handled, and commend the ops for a
job well done!
Bridget, KS4YT
dxcc at dbtech.net

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