[CQ-Contest] IARU and WRTC stations

Bernie McClenny bernie at dailydx.com
Mon Jul 10 16:51:00 EDT 2000

About a week before the contest my Dad (ex KC3AJ) decided to do the IARU HF
WorldChampionship as a multi-single.  Frank's, W3LPL, station was still torn
from Field Day so we ran the contest from my basement and long runs of
feedline!!!  No rotors.  I got a lot of exercise this weekend.  My Dad is just

getting back into contesting and wanted to break in his new callsign so we
N3ME from the QTH of W3UR with W3LPL antennas.  Had a great time with my dad
and working all the S5##x stations.

I just tallied up the numbers and it looks like we missed working three of the
53 stations (S538F, S567F and S584M).  In total we worked 85 band/mode QSOs.
We did not spend a lot of time chasing them as we did not have packet
networked with our computer log.  I noticed that most of the stations seemed
equal in strength on 20 meters.  However on 15 meters there were some
differences of about 2 S units.  We did not work any of the WRTC stations on
10 meters and only a few on 40 meters, all about the same signal strength.  I
did not hear any of the WRTC stations on 80 meters, but I did hear one of the
Europeans work one there.

Can't wait to see the results.

I have put together the following list of stations that people have either
told me or I figured them out from packet spots.  The results were supposed to
be made at 1500Z today.  So we should hear the final results soon.

The following list of calls are NOT official:

                S526O - K8NZ and W2GD
                S539D - ON4WW and ON6TT
                S543C - F6BEE and F6FGZ
                S546Q - K9TM and N2IC
                S547B - SP8NR and SP9HWN
                S521H - VE7SV and VA7RR
                S566Z - K9ZO and K7BV
                S567F - EA3NY and EA3KU
                S568Y - G3SXW and G4BUO
                S571W - K3NA and N6TV
                S572L - ZS6EZ and ZS4TX
                S582A - K1AR and K1DG
                S588S - WC4E and W0UA

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