[CQ-Contest] IARU - WRTC Submit LOG Confusion?

Geovincent at aol.com Geovincent at aol.com
Tue Jul 11 10:12:34 EDT 2000

Am I alone or have others experienced the same confusion over submitting logs?

I discovered, probably a day late too many places to submit logs for checking 
in the recent IARU and WRTC Contests.

1. IARU log and sum to ARRL at IARUHF at arrl.org  Entries must be postmarked or 
emailed no later than 30 days after the end of the contest (August 8, 2000). 
2. WRTC log within 12 hours after contest to WRTC-LOGS at kkn.net
3. WRTC log to WRTC Organizing Committee at scc at bit.si
4. IARU log to wrtc-logs at s5.net not later than 9th July 2000 23:59 UTC

I assume my WRTC log and IARU log are one in the same, but maybe not. I 
assume that the WRTC also want my summary sheet.

The ARRL rules are very clear and provide for a reasonable date in which to 
submit. However the WRTC rules were less clear often in small print at the 
end of e-mail messages and provide an unrealistic submittal time. 

TNX and 73,
George K3GV

DX: Long may it live !

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