[CQ-Contest] Analysis of my WRTC QSOs

Fred Laun K3ZO aalaun at ibm.net
Tue Jul 11 16:07:58 EDT 2000

With a lot of the top US operators over at WRTC I figured this year was my 
chance so I made a serious effort in the Mixed Mode category, running up 
some 2319 QSOs and just over 2 million points.  As such, I was not 
searching out WRTC stations most of the time though when first hitting a 
new band/mode I did call any WRTC stations I happened across while sweeping 
through the band for IARU society mults.

A few tentative conclusions can be drawn from all of this:

1) Considering the first three place winners, there may have been an 
advantage to having a callsign beginning with S58 :-)

2) I didn't study the list of WRTC calls before the contest, and I busted 
one!  I did e-mail my log to the WRTC Committee, so sorry if I cost the 
DL6RAI/OE2VEL team points due to my copying error.

3) Obviously there was no advantage to WRTC stations in working K3ZO.  The 
second-place team didn't find its way into my log at all.  On the other 
hand, the three stations who tied for first place in number of K3ZO QSOs 
made (with 4 each) finished in 16th, 20th and 40th places, respectively.

4) I agree with other observers that the signals seemed very well matched 
in strength.

Summing it up, I made a total of 74 valid WRTC QSOs with 43 of the 53 WRTC 
stations, broken down by band this way:

       15 CW: 12             15 SSB: 15
       20 CW: 16             20 SSB: 12
       40 CW: 19
    TOTAL CW: 47          TOTAL SSB: 27

One of the WRTC stations with an American accent asked me to QSY to 40 
meter SSB but I turned them down as I was going for score myself and 
considered operation on 40 meter SSB a waste of time, since mults count 
only once regardless of mode.  With 20 and 15 wide open to Europe all night 
long there was no percentage in my making such a move.

 From everything I have been able to observe from here the next WRTC host 
is going to have a hard time equalling the show put on by the S5's.  The 
real WRTC winners were the Slovenians who showed the world how it's done!

Here following are the details of my WRTC QSOs:

                          My          WRTC
Band/                   QSO  Station call
Mode     Date    Time    Nr  Worked  list      WRTC team members

  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:06  799  S511E   S511E     DL6FBL/DL1MFL
  15CW  08-Jul-00 14:27  355  S512T   S512T     LY3BA/LY2BM
  40CW  09-Jul-00 03:35 1539  S513A   S513A     JA8RWU/JH4RHF
  40CW  09-Jul-00 02:27 1391  S514U   S514U     JM1CAX/JO1RUR
               (No QSO)               S516M     EA7GTF/EA7KW
               (No QSO)               S517W     DL1IAO/DL2MEH
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 00:43 1195  S518N   S518N     K6LA/K5ZD
  15CW  08-Jul-00 20:58  868  S518N
  40CW  08-Jul-00 23:58 1160  S519I   S519I     KQ2M/W7WA
               (No QSO)               S521H     VE7SV/VA7RR
  20CW  09-Jul-00 04:25 1619  S522R   S522R     LW9EUJ/LU7DW
               (No QSO)               S523W     UT4UZ/RW1AC
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 12:52  139  S524G   S524G     LY1DS/LY4AA
  40CW  09-Jul-00 00:02 1165  S524G
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:13  807  S526O   S526O     K8NZ/W2GD
  20SSB 08-Jul-00 22:35 1051  S526O
  15SSB 09-Jul-00 10:01 2099  S526O
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:07  800  S527K   S527K     JH4NMT/JK3GAD
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 13:15  206  S528D   S528D     OM3BH/OM3GI
  20CW  09-Jul-00 04:18 1614  S528D
  15CW  08-Jul-00 17:10  690  S529A   S529A     5B4WN/5B4LP
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:20  810  S531R   S531R     K1ZM/N2NT
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 16:45  661  S531R
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 00:43 1196  S531R
               (No QSO)               S532N     PP5JR/PY2NY
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:08  801  S533G   S533G     DL6RAI/OE2VEL
  40CW  09-Jul-00 03:22 1516  S533Z             BUSTED CALL!!
  40CW  08-Jul-00 23:48 1149  S534J   S534J     K4BAI/K6LL
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 13:04  172  S536P   S536P     HA3OV/HA3NU
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 05:14 1692  S536P
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 13:18  218  S537L   S537L     OH1EH/OH1NOA
  40CW  09-Jul-00 00:03 1166  S537L
  15CW  08-Jul-00 17:03  680  S537L
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 05:26 1724  S537L
               (No QSO)               S538F     S50U/S51TA
  15CW  08-Jul-00 15:01  450  S539D   S539D     ON4WW/ON6TT
  40CW  08-Jul-00 23:55 1156  S541F   S541F     S59A/S58A
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 00:41 1192  S541F
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 12:58  160  S542B   S542B     9A3A/9A2AJ
  20SSB 08-Jul-00 23:04 1103  S542B
  40CW  09-Jul-00 00:01 1163  S542B
  20CW  09-Jul-00 04:22 1617  S543C   S543C     F6BEE/F6FGZ
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:17  808  S544Z   S544Z     YT1AD/YU7NU
  40CW  09-Jul-00 00:08 1171  S544Z
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 21:09  891  S546Q   S546Q     K4UEE/N6IG
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 12:06    9  S547B   S547B     SP8NR/SP9HWN
  15CW  08-Jul-00 15:43  557  S548X   S548X     UT5UGR/UU2JZ
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 00:36 1183  S548X
  20CW  09-Jul-00 04:28 1621  S548X
  40CW  09-Jul-00 02:36 1414  S548X
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 16:43  658  S549L   S549L     RZ9UA/UA3DPX
               (No QSO)               S561C     VE3BMV/VE3KZ
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 13:20  222  S562P   S562P     IK2QEI/I2VXJ
  40CW  08-Jul-00 23:50 1151  S562P
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 04:52 1660  S562P
  40CW  09-Jul-00 00:00 1162  S563X   S563X     N3AD/N3BB
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:10  803  S563X
  15CW  08-Jul-00 15:59  589  S564Q   S564Q     VK4EMM/VK4XY
  40CW  09-Jul-00 03:37 1544  S564Q
  15CW  09-Jul-00 00:27 1175  S566Z   S566Z     K9ZO/K7BV
  20CW  09-Jul-00 04:26 1620  S567F   S567F     EA3NY/EA3KU
               (No QSO)               S568Y     G3SXW/G4BUO
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:11  805  S571W   S571W     K3NA/N6TV
  40CW  09-Jul-00 03:02 1467  S571W
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 04:46 1645  S572L   S572L     ZS6EZ/ZS4TX
  20CW  09-Jul-00 04:24 1618  S573O   S573O     9A9A/9A3GW
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 13:05  175  S574V   S574V     K9TM/N2IC
  15CW  08-Jul-00 17:25  706  S574V
  40CW  08-Jul-00 23:54 1155  S574V
  15SSB 09-Jul-00 10:13 2125  S576K   S576K     I5NSR/I5JHW
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 12:15   33  S577V   S577V     UA9BA/RN9AO
  15CW  08-Jul-00 15:15  488  S578R   S578R     PY5CC/PY1KN
               (No QSO)               S581I     VE7ZO/VE3EJ
  15CW  08-Jul-00 17:03  681  S582A   S582A     K1DG/K1AR
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 05:20 1709  S582A
  40CW  09-Jul-00 00:05 1168  S583D   S583D     DL2CC/DL5XL
  20SSB 09-Jul-00 01:20 1291  S583D
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:18  809  S584M   S584M     K1TO/N5TJ
  15SSB 08-Jul-00 12:50  132  S586U   S586U     OK1QM/OL5Y
  20CW  08-Jul-00 20:00  792  S586U
  15CW  08-Jul-00 17:07  686  S586U
  40CW  09-Jul-00 02:46 1435  S586U
               (No QSO)               S587N     RA3AUU/RV1AW
  40CW  09-Jul-00 02:34 1410  S588S   S588S     WC4E/W0UA

73, Fred, K3ZO


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