[CQ-Contest] NEXT WRTC?

James B. Neiger Jim_Neiger at XonTech.com
Mon Jul 17 16:38:27 EDT 2000

Oms (PY5EG) and Sergio (PP5JR) will probably shoot me when next I enter
Brazil, but I spoke with them at Bled about the Brazilians hosting the next
WRTC.  They thought it might be doable.

With 2004 approaching the next solar minimum, SOUTH of the Equator will
definitely be the place to be.  And just think of all the pluses of going to
Brazil:  the weather, the cheap prices, Copacabana Beach (and all that
portends), the food, etc etc.

Oms definitely has the horsepower to put a WRTC games together.  Let's all
encourage our Brazilian friends to take this big step.

As a footnote:  we also enjoyed the time in Bled and related WRTC travels
and experiences.  And operating from San Marino (with CT1BOH and T77C) was
an extra treat, but taught me two important things: (1) operating from
Europe is VERY VERY difficult, and (2) I'm not yet ready for serious
contesting retirement.  So, I am commiting to another 24 years (age 85 then)
of SERIOUS contesting expeditions, and I challenge all of my erstwhile
competitors to keep on going to at least 2024.  For those of you who don't
make it until then, I'm sorry you didn't and it was fun knowing you.

                         Vy 73

                                    Jim Neiger

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