[CQ-Contest] Results of Radio Vacation Spot Search

W1HIJCW at aol.com W1HIJCW at aol.com
Tue Jul 18 00:10:47 EDT 2000

Just a quick follow up to my posting of a few days ago regarding a location 
for a radio/contesting/CWSS vacation.

Pursuing a suggestion, I began to think about a holiday which, while not 
affording a great SS experience, would allow me to indulge some other 
passions like scuba and "beach inspection".

At any rate, I came up with reservations for accommodations on a privately 
owned small island in the lagoon at Bora Bora. Even includes a tribander!

So that's the decision. I'll be FO0 something or other when I'm not indulging 
other interests. I will miss SS, but there will be others  :>)

Thanks to all who responded ... as always this reflector is probably the best 
group of people around. I'm proud to be a subscriber and when the trip is 
over I'll be sure to report on what looks like a great place!

See y'all, 73,

Bill, W1HIJ(/6) -- member: Southern California DX Club and
                                       Southern California Contest Club
Newport Beach, CA 

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