[CQ-Contest] Bad practices identified

thompson at mindspring.com thompson at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 19 17:28:37 EDT 2000

I have run into two bad practices on holding a run frequency.

With the advent of SO2R and/or 2 VFO transceivers its common for a
contestant to leave a run frequency to work a multiplier and return.
However, if the contestant leaves a frequency open for over 60 seconds
then I feel its fair game.  I found a open slot in a recent contest
and in the midst of the third QSO another station came on and told me
this was his frequency.  He had been gone for at least 90 seconds.  I
told him to find another frequency.

The second practice is having someone hold the frequency
(pre-arranged).  I feel that if this is a single operator then the log
is subject to being moved to multi operator.  Fortunately this is not
a common practice, and its hard to prove.  It borders on illegal and
is poor sportsmanship.

73 Dave K4JRB

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