[CQ-Contest] Re: Bad practices identified

Bill Turner w7ti at jps.net
Thu Jul 20 10:13:38 EDT 2000

I say when a station QSYs he immediately relinquishes the frequency.  If a
second station finds the empty spot and calls CQ one time, it's his.  How
else could it be without having utter chaos?

Bill, W7TI

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From: "Scott Robbins" <w4pa at yahoo.com
> I'm sure
> the opinions are all over the map on this one, but
> if you say you're going to QSY, does that IMMEDIATELY
> give the right to someone to try to take over your
> run frequency?  I am not stating an opinion either
> way as I understand the motivations involved from
> both sides of this event.  Any thoughts?

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